Solid Sands and iMQ join forces to accelerate MCU innovation with high-performance C compiler implementation

Amsterdam and Hsinchu – 3 November 2021 – Solid Sands, the world leader in testing and validation for C and C++ compilers and libraries, today announced that Taiwan-based iMQ Technology, the creator of microcontrollers and security ICs used for home applications, has adopted SuperTest Compiler Test and Validation technology for its next generation MCU compiler designs.

Delivering MCU technologies to security-intensive, high-growth market segments including IoT, industrial automation, smart home and consumer electronics, iMQ has shipped more than 100 million chips to the market. iMQ will be using SuperTest to ensure the highest quality level for the compilers for these microcontrollers. With support for embedded freestanding C implementations, SuperTest offers a complete compiler validation environment for iMQ’s innovative microcontrollers and security ASICs.

SuperTest contains many unique features not found in other test suites. SuperTest’s Code Size Tracking is an easy way to monitor changes in generated code size between compiler versions or between different compiler settings. In addition to validating the correctness of the compiler, SuperTest also helps to detect code size inefficiencies.

Bo Cheng, President of iMQ, said: “In the process of expanding the memory configuration in our data model, we are making changes to the compiler. We have been searching for the right solution to test and validate the compiler that we use in our embedded IC products and comprehensive system design solutions. We trust SuperTest to ensure the high-level quality needed for our chip design.”

Marianne Damstra, Chief Commercial Officer at Solid Sands, said: “Demand for our acclaimed products is burgeoning globally, not least in Taiwan, where iMQ joins our growing list of customers benefiting from the unique features and benefits of our technologies in compiler testing and validation for both C and C++ across a broad spectrum of applications.”