SQ (Secure IC)

SQ Secure series IC is high security level and low-power chips, including SQ71 Secure ASIC and SQ77 Secure MCU.

SQ71 Secure ASIC embedded with high quality TRNG (True Random Number Generator), hardware asymmetric/symmetric crypto algorithms, such as ECC-384/ECC-256, AES-128/AES-256, SHA-256 and the active tamper detection technology to raise up security level of the system. SQ71 Secure ASICs are applicable for accessory authentication, system anti-clone, session key exchange, device authentication, secure communication for IoT applications, … etc.

SQ77 Secure MCU offers the TRNG, hardware crypto algorithms, anti-tamper technology, secure zone, and secure peripheral features. The devices provide high security level secure storage to protect secret keys and sensitive data. The encryption and authentication features protect the embedded systems from hacker’s attack. The Secure MCU is suitable for smart home, wireless sensor node device, IoT application, ...etc.

The crypto engines of SQ series has achieved the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP) Certification. This certification is based on the state-of-the-art cryptographic standard, FIPS 140-3, and includes the DRBG, AES, SHA2, ECDSA and HMAC cryptographic algorithms. The certified cryptographic algorithms have been implemented in iMQ security series products. NIST official website: iMQ Certifications

Secure Element Key Feature SQ7101
(Secure ASIC)
(Secure ASIC)
(Secure ASIC)
(Secure MCU)
Crypo AES
(Symmetric Encryption)
(Asymmetric Encryption)
- - -
Anti-Tamper Tamper Resist
SPA/DPA Countermeasure
Enclosure Intrusion
Trust Two-Way Authentication
Secure Storage
Code Protection
Secure Boot
Secure Firmware Update
Secure Channel Establish
Communication I2C SPI I2C, SPI, SWI I2C, SPI,LEUART
Package SOP8, 8LEAD DFN(3x3) SOP8, 8LEAD DFN(3x3) SOP8, 8LEAD DFN(3x3) LQFP64
Status MP MP MP MP